Photo retouching

During my career as a photographer, I developed some good photo retouch and processing skills, learning on how to enhance photographs in a coherent way. Here are some examples of my work.

  • Before-adry

Studio fashion retouch
This pic was taken with a complicated ilumination set. The back light somehow flattened the model’s figure, so I enhanced the light and the dark zones. I also corrected the blouse wrinkles and carefoully corrected some skin and hair deffects.


  • Before-Yulia
Beauty retouch for woman
A reliable skin reflection correction needs time and dedication. Here I processed the skin texture and the skin tones in two separated layers. Also mildly enhanced some details of the model’s face, by fixing some wrinkles, withening the teeth, and sharpening the eyes.


  • Before-Boquete
  • Before-Pilar

Beauty retouch for man
Here’s the same method applied to a male model. Reflections are gone, as well as some pimples and skin imperfections. Teeth and eyes are also enhanced, taking care of getting a realistic result.


  • Before-Pilar

Studio fashion retouch
This is the portrait of a beautiful mature model. I made some corrections on her eyes wrinkles but took care of not to flatten then totally as they are also a part of the character. The point is to make images more appealing, but realism is always the rule. I also mildly corrected the loose hairs and the blouse wrinkles. The background showed the shadow of the light window, wich I took care of too.


  • Before-Silvana

Portrait retouch and processing
Here is a totally retouched and processed photo. We can see the original pic had a dull contrast, some sensor dust, and a little flat illumination besides of some other imperfections, wich were all corrected in the final image.


  • Before-Victor

Fashion retouch and hard processing
Though the raw image was promising, there were some imperfections to fix. First of all, the camera was a little tilted, so the lines of the wall ruined the composition. While I was fixing that issue realized that those lines could make a great frame to the model’s figure, so I ended totally rebuilding the background. I corrected some details on the model too. By instance, I removed the unflattering scar in the forehead and the jacket’s label. Then applied a lightly desaturated bluish tone and enhanced the contrast, in order to get a magazine look.


  • Before-Tiger

Product retouch
This shoe photo was taken for an e-commerce catalog. The raw image had a coherent illumination, but there was a clear lack of contrast and color correction. By fixing this and correcting some minor imperfections, there is a huge difference beween the first and the second pic.


  • Before-Sherman

Product retouch
This belt was photographed for an online outfit store. Like the previous example, there was a lack of contrast between some other flaws. If I only increased the contrast the black texture probably would get lost, so I lightly added a bluish tone when correcting the color. This not only brings out the leather texture while keeping it black, but also enhances the metallic buckle.


  • Before-Catwoman

Hard edition for a movie-like poster

The best upper body shot for this session was taken horizontally, so I had to melt it with the lower part of other photo. Then I corrected some skin flaws, face illumination, and removed the red piece on the barrell of the gun, adding a light smoke effect. A selective vigneting, color correction and increased contrast did the trick to complete this movie-like poster.

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