The ‘Yes Man’

Thijs was my neighbor for a year or so. He was the classic dutch: slim, tall and redheaded, features that contrasted a lot with his hindi-english girlfriend (now wife) Kiran. I soon noticed that he didn’t like to live in a small town. However, he was a nice, extrovert and kind guy and I saw in him a great character to be photographed. When I asked, he said yes almost instantly. “I’m a yes man” he answered, “I don’t want to regret about the things I haven’t done in life”. He left shortly after and only saw the pictures via email when he returned to Amsterdam. “You know, this is a great way to remember this short crazy experience in my life, living in small town in Spain. Those are great  pics, thanks paisano” He always loved the spanish word “paisano” (one from the same country). I don’t know why, it might sound funny to him. I was nice to met the ‘yes man’.

All images are under copyright © Fran Añón.